[JETSTREAM EDGE Ballpoint Pen 0.38mm Point Tip Mounted Model Prussian Blue

[JETSTREAM EDGE Ballpoint Pen 0.38mm Point Tip Mounted Model Prussian Blue

Ultra-low friction "Jet Stream Ink"

Since it uses "Jet Stream Ink", which is a low-viscosity oil-based ink, it dries quickly and allows you to write dark and clear lines smoothly.
Equipped with a newly developed "point chip" that makes it easy to see the writing surface

The newly developed "Point Tip" has a slim shape that is squeezed toward the pen tip so that the pen tip can be seen clearly even when performing fine writing work.
Body that has both functionality and design

The body axis is a stylish expression of a sharp image, and the design is particular about functionality such as a sense of stability when writing. As a specialized tool for writing fine print, we are particular about the material, design, and usability of each part. Functionality / The toe shaft is made of metal, and the grip part is processed with a thin line to prevent slipping. In addition, by moving the center of gravity to the pen tip side, it is designed to be stable even when writing finely. The fine and sharp lines that can be drawn by "Jet Stream Edge" are expressed by the fineness of the wire of the wire clip and the radial straight line generated on the hexagonal axis. It is a design that visually shows the center of gravity closer to the pen tip side due to the shape that narrows toward the rear end.

Size: Shaft diameter 10.8 x Thickness 12.0 x Overall length 143.0mm
Ball diameter: 0.38mm

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