Uni-ball one Spring color / Summer color 0.38nn 3 color set

Uni-ball one Spring color / Summer color 0.38nn 3 color set

Black is darker and the color is more vivid. Gel ink ballpoint pen "Notebook, clear and clear." Limited product from "uni-ball one", "uni-ball one spring color" "3-color set" and "uni-ball one summer color 3-color set" are now on sale!

The ink color is limited to the image of spring and summer, and when used in combination with the black ink that symbolizes the "dark and clear" that is the greatest feature of "uni-ball one", it gives a sense of the season. You can enjoy making cute notes.

▼ Spring color set (Uguisu color, Anko color, Mountain grape color) A
 lineup of three calm dull colors with the image of Japanese spring

▼ Summer color set (Ramune color, Hydrangea color, Anzu color)
 Refreshing reminiscent of the summer festival Lineup of 3 bright colors What is

uni-ball one?

■ Three features of the newly developed
"uni-ball one ink" Unlike general gel ink, the ink of "uni-ball one" uses a new pigment that suppresses the penetration of coloring materials into paper fibers as much as possible. doing.
The pigment used in "Uniball One Ink" is a uniquely developed bead pack pigment that encloses a conventional coloring material in particles.
By enclosing the pigment, which is the color material of the ink, in the particles and increasing the size of the particles, the penetration of the color material into the paper surface is suppressed as much as possible.
As a result, the coloring material on the paper develops the original color, black becomes darker, and the color develops more vividly.

(1) Black is darker, the color is more vivid,
and black is even darker than general gel ink, which is easy to remember and allows you to write clear and clear characters .
Through joint research between Mitsubishi Pencil and Ritsumeikan University, it was found that the darker and clearer the black color, the easier it is to remember.
By using "uni-ball one", which is darker than general gel ink, you can write characters that are easy to impress when you look back at the notebook.

(2) Quick-drying ink that does not bleed
General quick-drying ink achieves quick-drying by speeding up the penetration of ink into the paper surface.
As a result, ink bleeding and strike-through may occur.
The newly developed "Uniball One Ink" makes it possible to leave the solid color material on the paper surface while quickly permeating the liquid component into the paper surface by changing the component ratio of the solid and liquid in the ink. I will.
Although it is a quick-drying ink that penetrates quickly into the paper surface, it does not bleed or strike through because it suppresses the color material from being absorbed by the paper surface.

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