Do I need to register for an account to make an order?

No, you do not need to create an account.
However, you can either choose to make an account first before making an order

you can proceed with the purchase and checkout.
Your account will be automatically created with an auto-generated password which
you can change later. The details of your automatically created account will be emailed to your registered
email address.

How can I pay?

We accept the following payment methods listed below:-
1. Paypal
2. Credit/Debit Card (via Paypal Guest Checkout : Paypal account is NOT REQUIRED)
3. Maybank (Only for Malaysia and Singapore)

What shipping methods are available?

You will be able to choose your preferred shipping method during checkout. Shipping methods available are as listed below:-

Tracking Number
Proof of Delivery
1. Airmail - ETA 7-14 days
2. EMS - ETA 3-8 days

What is the ETA to my country?

Please refer to the average/approximate shipping duration below(based on our experience):-
- UK : (EMS: 3-6 days), (Standard Shipping: 3-7 days)
- US : (EMS: 5-8 days), (Standard Shipping: 8-10 days)
- Canada : (EMS: 6-10 days), (Standard Shipping: 1-2 weeks, *BC 6-9 weeks)
- Germany : (EMS: 6-12 days), (Standard Shipping: 6-10 days, *some areas 2-4 weeks)
- Australia : (EMS: 5-8 days), (Standard Shipping: 7-10 days)
- The Netherlands : (EMS: 4-7 days), (Standard Shipping: 6-10 days)
- France: (EMS: 6-8 days), (Standard Shipping: 7-10 days)
- Spain: (EMS: will be updated soon), (Standard Shipping: 7-11 days)
- Brazil: (EMS: will be updated soon), (Standard Shipping: 2-4 weeks, arrived Brazil customs in 1-2 week, refer to item No.5)
- Italy: (EMS: 7 days), (Standard Shipping: 2-4 weeks, arrived Italian customs in 5-10 days, refer to item No.5)
* Please note that the above shipping duration is only an estimated duration and it is only for references in order to make your scheduling and planning easier.
We do not guarantee that your parcel will arrive within the estimated date as there are ambiguous variables involved such as customs procedure and the efficiency of your country's courier service.
Please also consider our processing time required to prepare your parcel which is officially 5-7 business days (However, we usually process parcels within 1-3 business days)

How long is the processing time?

We require a processing time of 1-3 business days before we are able to ship your items out.
Although rarely, we might need a maximum of 7 days to complete your order in the case if the items are out of stock. 

Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel only if you have not made the payment yet. If the payment has been made, we will proceed with the order and will not be able to cancel the order.

Can I add more items to my order given that I have not proceeded with the payment?

If you have not made the payment yet and decided to add more items to your order,
you can proceed to make a new order and later inform us to cancel your previous order by submitting a ticket via the "Contact Us" page.

Can I add more items to my order after payment has been done?

Due to the nature of the system, it is not possible for customers to add more items once the order has been finalize with a payment.
Please contact us through the "Contact Us" page and submit a ticket by prodiving us with the order number and also other necessary information.

What happens if your parcel is returned back to JES?

1. If there are no problems with the address you provided:

We will put in an investigation at Japan Post and have them inquire the recipient's national courier service for the actual reason for the return.
Since the investigation takes time, we can proceed to re-send your parcel, however, shipping cost will be incurred. 
After the investigation results are released and if it falls in your favour, we will refund the shipping cost.

2. If parcel is not claimed by customer or address provided by customer is incorrect:
You can opt to resend your parcel, however, shipping cost will be incurred
You can opt for a refund. If you opt for a refund, we will refund only the cost of the items and we will not refund the shipping cost. 

(Please note that the refund option is only valid for non-dated items. Dated items such as planner/journals will not be refunded and we will only be able to resend it)

On the other hand, if there is no respond from you within 4 weeks after we inform you regarding the returned parcel, we claim the right to cancel the transaction and re-list it and we will not provide any refund.

Will there be any tracking number for the parcels?

Yes, both Airmail and EMS parcels comes with tracking number and we will provide you with the tracking number once shipping is completed.

What happens if there are delays during shipping

Shipping delays are possbile are it differs depending on country.
Unfortunately, we do not have any control over delays if it were to happen.
Please enquire at your national courier service company with the tracking number provided.

Inform us if its taking too long.
We will work with the Japan Post to open up an investigation.
The investigation takes approximately a month or at times more.
The purpose of the investigation is to know the exact location of your parcel. 
We will inform you once the investigation results are released.

What happens if items received are damaged/lost?

There are 2 ways to proceed if the items received are damaged or lost:
1. Via Paypal (Only if payment is done via Paypal)
File a dispute via Paypal.
We will work alongside Paypal to ensure you are fully refunded.
Damaged items must be returned back to JES within 5 business days upon date of arrival.
We will fully refund you after we have received the item(s).


2. Via Courier Service company (if payment is done other than Paypal)
All shipping method option comes with insurance.
Insurance covers damaged or lost items.
Please follow the steps below:-
Step 1 : Inform us about the damaged items.
Step 2 : File a report at your post office or courier company.
Step 3 : Inform us once report has been made.
Step 4 : Please wait for a follow-up from the post office or courier company.

If you are unsure, you can always contact us and we will gladly assist you.
Please note that Airmail parcels are only insured up to a maximum of 6000yen.

Who should pay taxes incurred by customs (if incurred)?

We are not liable for any taxes incurred by the customs. You will have to be responsible for any taxes incurred by the customs. Taxes incurred may vary depending on country.